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D o you have books you no longer need or want? We work with several non-profits in the Fresno area. We donate books to anyone who is in need of books. This is a great option for those who are moving, clearing out the contents of an estate, closing a store, or just books you no longer want.

We will come to you and pick up the books for free as long as it is 5 boxes or more. If you have less than this, we may still be able to schedule a pickup during a time where we will be near your location. No amount of books is too large.

Whether you are donating to help others or just to free some space, we will come to you, pack your books, and find a good home for your books. Simply call (559) 977-5750 or email and we can arrange a pickup.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Bulldog Book Recycling operates as a for-profit entity. Although we re-home books through our online sales channel, most books simply don’t fit our business model. Online sales of donations allow us to continue our efforts to re-home books back into your local community. As much as 75-90% of books donated will not be sold by us, and instead they will end up at local places such as the Woodward Library and Reading Heart. If we are unable to find a local charity, the books will be responsibly recycled via paper recycling centers.

The convenience of at your door pick ups is a very compelling reason why so many people choose Bulldog Book Recycling as their book donation center.

Books must be in reasonable condition. We can still take those books with highlights and writing if the rest of it is intact. Because many of these books may be going towards young children, we cannot take books with loose spines, mold or mildew, missing pages and books that have water damage.

Up to 90% of book donations go directly to local non-profits who are able to use them. Currently we donate to:

  • Local Libraries
  • GoodWill
  • Kings Christian School Thrift
  • Reading Hearts
  • YMCA